Machar’s SPLA-IO warns SSPDF against provocations

SPLA-IO spokesman Col. Lam Paul Gabriel speaking to the press in Juba [Photo via Getty Images]

SPLA-IO spokesman Col. Lam Paul Gabriel speaking to the press in Juba [Photo via Getty Images]

JUBA – The Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) led by First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny is warning the South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSBDF) under the commander of President Salva Kiir of provocation and violation of the revitalized peace agreement.

This comes after the SSDPF spokesman Major General Lul Ruai Koang referred to a senior SPLA-IO officer detained by the SSPDF in Tonj county of Warrap state as a “highway robber” who has been attacking people along the highways in the area.

Lul also said, in an interview quoted by Nyamilepedia on Sunday, the claims by the SPLA-IO that General Gabriel Bol Wek is their man were false and do not have reality claiming that the man  has been attacking civilians along the highway for years even after the signing of the revitalized peace agreement.

“General Gabriel Wek Bol is a high-way robber. When he was arrested by the SSPDF, he was arrested because he has been committing crimes on the high-ways between Tonj, Wau and Rumbek. We were surprised when the SPLA-IO said that he is one of their commanders,” Lul told Nyamilepedia on Sunday.

“When he was arrested, he laid an ambush and the ambush was foiled leading to his arrest by the SSPDF forces that were in the area,” he added.

However, in a statement yesterday, SPLA-IO deputy spokesperson Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel dismissed Lul’s claims and said such remarks tantamount to violation of the revitalized peace deal signed by the government and SPLM/A (IO) in September 2018.

“The SPLA-IO read with concern the comments allegedly made by the SSPDF Spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai against the SPLA-IO General (Brig. Gabriel Bol Wek) on Nyamilepedia online news outlet,” Col. Lam said in the statement seen by Sudans Post.

“While this comments amount to provocation and above all, violation of the R-ARCSS, the SPLA-IO command chooses to solve this negative propaganda administratively with the SSPDF command and the peace monitoring mechanisms in the spirit of peace.

The SPLA-IO calls upon RJMEC, CTSAMVM, SSM and JDB to investigate these accusations made against Brig. Gabriel Bol Wek and bring whoever is guilty to book. The SPLA-IO remains committed to the implementation of the R-ARCSS.”

S. Sudanese hate preacher Bol Brown kicked out by girlfriend in America

Host of Naath International Radio America Bol Brown [Photo via Facebook]

Host of Naath International Radio America Bol Brown [Photo via Facebook]

UNITED STATES – South Sudanese hate preacher Bol Brown has been kicked out by his girlfriend in the United States of America after reportedly coming into an argument with her for a week over Bol’s social media hate speech, according to our sources.

One source said Bol was kicked out after his girlfriend called the police that she was under threat, something that the police reportedly said they had a solid ground to believe that her life was under threat.

“Bol Brown has been kicked out of his house by his girlfriend. Police have warned him that even if he come through the street passing by the building, he will be thrown to jail and have all his documents confiscated,” the source said from Minnesota on condition of anonymity.

Another source said “Bol has been living inside a garage for a week now. He has been living inside his car and he even risks losing his car because he has been expelled from his work and so he cannot pay his debts.”

Sudans Post could not independently verify the claims, but Bol can be seen making his weekly live show “Nuer International Radio American” under a tree in a café.

Bol is married to two wives who are living in Ethiopia. He only has a girlfriend in the United States.

Makuei says no TNLA reconstitution before states gov’t formation

South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei Lueth (Photo credit is Unknown)

South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei Lueth (Photo credit is Unknown)

JUBA – South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei Lueth has said that his government will not accept to reconstitute the national parliament before the formation of state governments or before reaching a deal between the parties on the formation of state governments.

This comes as pressure grows against the parties to the revitalized peace agreement to reconstitute what would become as the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) and the National Council of States.

“We had presented a proposal to the parties to the peace agreement on Monday, but they asked for an opportunity to study it, and after which they will respond on Wednesday. We have not yet agreed on the allocation of ministerial portfolios, so we will meet them tomorrow (Wednesday),” Makuei said.

“When we agree on the number of ministerial portfolios and their allocation and the membership of state legislatures and their allocation, it is thereafter each party will nominate its candidates,” Makuei said.

The information minister further said President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny were still in deadlock over the appointment of the Upper Nile state governor.

“The two are still at a stalemate. President Salva has reclined to appoint Olony, while Riek is insisting that Olony must be the governor. So we don’t know what will be the way forward,” Makuei said.

Paul Kame angered by Kiir’s hesitance to pay EAC membership arrears

Rwandan President and head of East African community Paul Kagame listens as South Sudan President Salva Kiir speaks via videoconference [Photo via Facebook]

Rwandan President and head of East African community Paul Kagame listens as South Sudan President Salva Kiir speaks via videoconference [Photo via Facebook]

KIGALI – Rwandan President Paul Kagame said he is angered by the hesitation by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit to may membership arrears which the world’s youngest country owes to the regional body.

In an interview, Kagame who is also the head of the East African Community, said he supports the move being taken to exclude countries such as South Sudan and Burundi for no paying membership fees for a number of years.

“I support that we all get up to date in terms of payment. We cannot run an organization that brings us together without having to pay the bills, that’s for sure. We have had situations before where partners had some difficulties.

“I remember one time when the region came together and we all chipped in for Burundi because at some point they were in a difficult situation and could not pay. You can do it once or so, but you cannot have a situation where some countries permanently carry the burden of others.

“I do not know fully the reasons or circumstances for non-payment that informed why Burundi and South Sudan would be suspended.

It was like saying maybe we tried to chip in for you but now we think you’re in a position to play your part so that you become fully engaged in the organization and benefit fully as well as you contribute fully like the rest of us.”

Bishop condemns murder of three children in Juba

Bishops of the Central Equatoria Province of the Episcopal Church [Photo via Facebook]

Bishops of the Central Equatoria Province of the Episcopal Church [Photo via Facebook]

JUBA – The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio Barani Edwardo Hiboro Kusala has joined the nation to condemn the killing of the three children at their home in Rock City, Juba over the weekend.

In a statement made by the bishop on the website of Ruru gene, he said, “my sympathy and prayers go out to the three innocent children, Lydia, Blessings and Nura Edward with their families. This tragedy in our nation is truly heartbreaking, we ask for God’s peace, mercy, and harmony upon our country South Sudan”.

He continued saying. “The kind of monstrous cowards sneak upon defenseless children and slaughter them in their home which I felt bad about and joined the people of South Sudan to condemn that in a strong term possible”

On the same matter, President Kiir said he is “shocked and saddened” by the murder of the children and is also shocked by the magnitude of the crime.

The president directed law enforcement agencies to use every tool in their disposal to quickly apprehend and bring the suspect before the law for trial and appealed to the public to support the investigations by providing information to the police.

The killing of the three children shocked the whole nation and globally, people are calling upon law enforcement, security agencies to find the perpetrator and bring to book to face law and justice.

While on the same story, nineteen suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of the three kids, according to South Sudan police spokesperson, Major General Daniel Justin.

The police, however, cautioned the public about spreading rumors about the murder the three children.

Juba police make arrests in connection to Rock city incident

Inspector General of South Sudan Police Service (SSPS) Lt. Gen.  Majak Akech [Photo via Facebook]

Inspector General of South Sudan Police Service (SSPS) Lt. Gen. Majak Akech [Photo via Facebook]

JUBA – South Sudan Police Service has announced that it has arrested around sixteen people in connection to the murder of three kids who were killed in Rock city on Saturday evening.

The three children aged 4, 7, and 9 were killed in cold blood at 4:30 PM in the neighborhood of rock city inside Juba.

“The case is now under our supervision in particular, and we are working to decipher the grievances of this horrific case,” said Inspector General of Police General Majak Akec on Monday.

General Majak said those arrested include neighbors. Police and community members say the incident happened while the parents were away.

The heinous act in an urban set up has angered South Sudanese world over, including President Salva Kiir.

The president condemned the inhumane killing and expressed shock and grief over the hacking of the little children.

Kiir described the murder as unjustifiable and pledged to work tirelessly to make the criminal pay for the shocking crime.

He directed law enforcement agencies to use every tool at their disposal to quickly apprehend and bring the suspect before the law for trial.

Open letter to SPLM-IO chairman and FVP Dr. Riek Machar

By Pal Chol Nyan

South Sudan's First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny [Photo via Getty Images]

South Sudan’s First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny [Photo via Getty Images]

JUBA – First and foremost, please, allow me, your Excellency, to convey my hearty greetings to you and your comrades.

The reason for writing to you this Open Letter is to thank and salute you once more for having signed the R-ARCISS but also to convey one’s worry that you and your partners are partially implementing it.

The citizens are aware that the Parties to the Agreement are interested in implementing the parts they consider good for their political and material survival but not in the interests of the common man.

It has been almost six months since you assumed your Office as the second powerful man in the country. That you came in before the security arrangements are completed is a positive move towards achieving peace.

President Kiir who is in-charge of your security, other army and political leaders of your Party is doing his best. Up to now, all is well. Guns have gone silent except for a few military hiccups blamed on the hold out groups who also might have their genuine reasons for refusing to ink the 2018 KPA .

The people of South Sudan, like in any other countries in the world, expected something from the agreement; peace dividends. However, they are disappointed. The economy is deteriorating further to the chagrin of those who misled themselves into thinking that peace in South Sudan means service delivery and such like.

If you look at the streets of Juba, they are filled with hungry children fighting over left-overs. The health services are minimal or absent. The hullabaloo being said in the media doesn’t hold water. Corona had its part of the blame but the suffering of the people did not start with the occurrence of the COVID-19. It started from the day you differed in the SPLM House since 2013 up to present.

Your Excellency, hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese are still internally displaced and live in Juba, Bor, Wau and Malakal. Those in the UN Camps say they are fearing for their lives from the government, there is some grain of truth in their assertion.

Most, if not all, are your supporters or sympathizers according to the opinion polls conducted by some quarters.These people thought that when you came with the peace agreement, they would be able to return to their homes; resettle and build their lives but the opposite is true. Their jubilation after your landing at the airport withered away. Their hopes are dashed; they didn’t see the fruits of what they have been waiting for.

Your Excellency, the FVP, I write as a citizen of this country who comes from a family also hurt in this SPLM war. We are interested in the Chapter dealing with justice and accountability. As a bereaved family, we would want to see that those who became the cause of our sadness are tried and justice served without fear or favour.

Along with President Kiir, I don’t think the people (your subjects) were mistaken to believe that your coming together would be the beginning of happiness, joy, improvement of our livelihoods and above all reconciliation among the tribes of South Sudan. Is that the case now? I leave it to the readers to answer.

Your Excellency the FVP, with this heavy rainfall, the conditions of the IDPs are appalling with increased mortality and morbidity rates. What are the plans put in place for them to come out? I couldn’t recall whether or not Your Excellency, had found any opportunity to pay them a visit to see first-hand the situation they are in.

In this war, South Sudanese are polarized and divided. The civilians are killing themselves in large numbers. You can see what is going on in Jonglei, Warrap and Lakes States to mention but a few. There is a breakdown of law and order. The government is doing little or nothing to ensure the safety of her citizens.

If we ask ourselves why we took up arms against the oppressive and successive Arab regimes in Khartoum? We will come to agree in answer that the same factors can be found here.

I address Your Excellency because I have the impression that you have followers as one of the most influential political leaders in this country. I believe that you would help in providing an end to this turmoil by doing the followings:

1- Accelerate the unification of the forces so that there will be a national army and other organized forces that all citizens can trust.
2- Evacuate civilian centres from military presence so that the displaced persons (internally and externally) can return to their homes
3- Double up on the implementation of the activities in the Implementation Matrix that have now been missed.
4- Begin the reconciliation process
among the people of South Sudan
5- Continue to engage the President so that the Governor of UNS is appointed immediately to cover the political vacuum in that volatile State
6- Evacuation of the homes occupied in Juba since 2013.

With these measures in place enough confidence will be created among the IDPs and refugees to leave where they are now and go home.

Police still searching for culprit who murdered children in Rock city

South Sudan police spokesman Major General Daniel Justin [Photo via Facebook]

South Sudan police spokesman Major General Daniel Justin [Photo via Facebook]

JUBA – South Sudan police are still searching for the culprit who murdered three children in South Sudan’s capital Juba over the weekend.

On Saturday evening, three siblings who are identified as Lydia Edward, 9, Blessings Edward, 7, and their 4-year-old sister Nura Edward, were killed by an unknown person.

Their mother was outside the house when the incident took place.

Speaking to Sudans Post, police spokesman Daniel Justin said the culprit was still at large and said investigation and man-hunt were still ongoing.

“According to the preliminary report, the mother had left home around 12 pm and left the children watching television on that fateful day. After she returned home, she found her children dead,” Daniel said.

“When the mother returned home, she found the television was still on and blood was everywhere in the house. We want to tell the public that we are seriously following-up on the incident. No arrests have been made so far, but we are gathering information,” he explained.

Trump Admin calls for urgent resolution of conflict in South Sudan

US president Donald J. Trump has set conditions for lifting South Sudan sanctions [Photo via Getty Images]

US President Donald J. Trump has set conditions for lifting South Sudan sanctions [Photo via Getty Images]

JUBA – The United States government has called on the government of South Sudan and its peace partners to resolve – urgently – the ongoing conflict in the country saying recent fighting and unfolding tensions between SPLA-IO and South Sudan army were of a great concert to the American administration.

In a statement extended to Sudans Post, the US embassy expressed “deep concern with continued pockets of conflict around South Sudan and calls for all parties to deescalate tensions.”

“Fighting in different parts of South Sudan in recent weeks has reflected different causes and involved different parties but the impact is all similarly unacceptable; the people of South Sudan, your friends, your neighbors and communities are all suffering abuses against civilian populations.

“Forced displacement, disruption to livelihoods, diversion and looting of humanitarian aid, and the killing of aid workers are all unacceptable. It is time for local and regional leaders and the government of South Sudan to put an end to these conflicts and start unifying the country and bringing well-deserved peace to the people of South Sudan.

“In Western Bahr el Ghazal, we are concerned by recent clashes between Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition and South Sudan People’s Defense Forces units, accompanied by the arbitrary detention of civilians and attacks on civilian vehicles. We welcome the establishment of a delegation with leaders from both sides and urge immediate dialogue to reduce tensions, forestall further clashes, and prevent a broader threat to the peace agreement ceasefire.

“In Western and Central Equatoria, we note an uptick in clashes between SSPDF and the National Salvation Front in the past week, accompanied by displacement of civilians and civilian abductions. We urge all parties to immediately adhere to the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities, comply with their Rome Resolution obligations, and resume dialogue on a political solution to the conflict.

“In Jonglei, we remain deeply concerned by the large-scale mobilization of armed groups and fighting on an ethnic basis. We welcome all efforts to address the base causes of the recent violence in South Sudan but it is going to take more work.

“It is going to be hard, but now is the time for all the people who took or accepted the responsibility to lead this country, to work towards a nation of unity where everybody has a right to speak in public without fear of repercussion, where every has a right to education, where everybody has a right to live in their home of choice without fear of violence.

“The leaders of South Sudan cannot sit back and wait for things to happen; they need to make them happen.”

Tonj authorities threaten to jail traditional chiefs after escape of 27 prisoners

South Sudan state of Warrap where Tonj County lies [Photo via Wikipedia]

South Sudan state of Warrap where Tonj County lies [Photo via Wikipedia]

JUBA – Authorities in South Sudan’s Tonj County of Warrap state are threatening to arrest and put traditional chiefs in jail unless they help the government arrest prison escapee, according to one traditional chief.

The authorities in the county are still searching for 27 inmates who recently escaped from prison in the area.

The fugitives reportedly broke out of prison with the help of some guards in Warrap state over the week.

The escapees broke out of prison on Tuesday after they allegedly colluded with some prisoner warders.

According to the former Secretary-General of defunct Tonj state, the escapees include those who were reprimanded for killings, cattle raiding among other crimes.

They are said to have fled to unknown locations.

Gabriel Awan says local authorities have notified the communities to which the prisoners come from.

He spoke to Eye Radio this morning from Tonj…

“We have identified with the local authority to ensure that those who escaped from the prison and run to their communities are traced are rearrested and brought back to the prison,” Awan Saturday morning.

A similar prison break incident happened two weeks ago when 11 prisoners escaped from Wau prison.

Nine inmates also escaped from Renk prison in Upper Nile State early this year.

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